California Revisited

For anyone who followed my ride last summer, you know it ended in disaster.
I decided to finish what I started. So... here's my itinerary.
I will update this site with pictures whenever I am able to.

            July 9th:  Ride to Swift Current, SK
            July 10th: Ride to Cardston, AB
            July 11th: Ride to Kootenay Bay, BC
            July 12th: Ride to Kelowna, BC
            July 13th: Ride to Vancouver, BC
            July 14th: Ride to Ucluelet, BC
            July 15th: Ride to Lake Cowichan, BC
            July 16th: Ride to Long Beach, WA
            July 17th: Ride to Port Orford, OR
            July 18th: Ride to Fort Bragg, CA
            July 19th: Ride to Morgan Hill, CA
            July 20th: Laguna Seca!
            July 21st: Laguna Seca!
            July 22nd: Laguna Seca!
            July 23rd: Ride home - Winnemucca, NV
            July 24th: Ride home - Idaho Falls, ID
            July 25th: Ride home - Forsyth, MT
            July 26th: Ride home - Winnipeg,MB!!!

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