I was on the road an average of
eight hours a day for 15 of the 18 days.
During that entire time, I didn't listen
to a radio or MP3 player...
...I was quite happy to concentrate on
the road and the bike. I was happy just
to experience my surroundings. When
there was nothing to see, I was very
comfortable with my own thoughts. Some of
those thoughts I'd like to share here.
There is NOTHING close to going
on a motorcycle "round-about".
A lot of people laugh at my love
of riding, but I try to remember that
they've never been on a motorcycle to
realize how much closer you end up to
the SIGHTS you're riding by...

Picture thanks to Judith
...There is a reason for the smile
on my face even though I left Ucluelet
while it was raining. I SMELLED the
fresh air, the eucalyptus trees,
the pine trees, the ocean breeze,
strawberries, garlic, even lettuce...
I HEARD the birds, the crickets, the
ocean, the paintpots & geisers...
You can think I'm eccentric or weird or
whatever. I would not trade one of my
"adventures" for any other kind.

Picture thanks to Judith
I hope all the wonders I saw will be
there in 30 years. Case in point: I was
SOOOO looking forward to revisiting
Kalamalka Lake. This is a picture I
took of it when I visited there 30 years ago.
This is the SAME shoreline (different
angle). It is now 50 meters away from a
concrete jungle.
The water, although still a bright
blue, is no longer clear but cloudy.
A lot of you will say, "It's still
beautiful. What IS she going on about?"
The multi-coloured lake (which my
Instamatic camera fails to capture) was
surrounded by a rugged, deserted shoreline...
...Now is now PACKED with houses/cottages.
You can't even get close to it in most
places. Not meaning to sound too
critical or "preacher-like" but, I
think it's important to be more careful
with our natural treasures.
I am NOT saying people should not
be allowed to be around or even build
around beauty. We should just be careful that
we don't damage what we love about it.
You can't own nature so we have to learn
to respect it. Foresight and planning
could go a long way.
As much as the trip is about seeing
THINGS, it is almost more about PEOPLE.
It is WONDERFUL to visit friends
and family in their own spaces...
...the coincidence of meeting up
with someone who shares a common link
...or the coincidence of seeing
someone you've only recently been
acquainted with over and over again...
...The trip is about the people who don't
know you but go out of their way to be
helpful and extremely kind...
...The great conversations you have
with someone you've just met... The
absolutely interesting things you learn
during those conversations...
...And it's about the people you meet who
are virtual strangers yet somehow
don't seem like a stranger at all.
...and the people you regret not being
able to have better contact with
because you sense the conversation
would have been great.
Finally it's about home... much you appreciate it...
...and the people and sights which
make it home.

(A view out my my window at sunset)
So... farewell, adios...
...till next time!!
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