July 10, 2007: Ride to Cardston, AB

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Woke up the next morning...
Dave shared his "Water World" with me
I learned a lot in a short time.

Dave enjoys his hour (hopefully more)
each day experimenting with habitat
control and fish breeding.
The other guests at the B&B...
A very interesting couple from the States
here in Canada to enjoy outdoor activities.
Before I left, I needed a family photo.

Guess who can't sit still?
My new buddy Button reminded me a lot
of my late buddy PJ... full of beans!
I had to leave...
before this magpie stole my camera!
On the road to Lethbridge,
this moth/butterfly hitched
a ride for about 40 km before
I could stop and release it!
Just short of Cardston...
A group enjoying the lovely day!
I arrived at the Cobblestone Manor.

My digs for the night...

Dropped off my bags...
Off to Waterton!
I bet everyone takes a picture
of the Prince of Wales Hotel.
It sits high on its perch
greeting all who drive by.
Lovely view fom its perch, too!

The mountain in the background is
actually in Montana so you can rent
a boat and go to the opposite end and
enter the US illegally. All you'd have
to do is climb that sucker!!!
Once in a while I get people to take
my picture to prove I've actually
been here!
A view of Waterton from above

Red rocks...
Red Rock Canyon.
Beautiful area

Some impressive vantage points!

Right by the side of the road... but
the noise from my bike scared them back.
The Museum of Miniatures in Cardston

Created by a couple in town...
all the man's handiwork...
The scenes tell a story of the area...

The home of the Cards...
founders of the community of Cardston.
The first Mormon temple in Canada

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