July 21, 2007: Laguna Seca!

Got up early to be at the track
by 9:00. Took a second at the bottom
of Barcloy Canyon Road to take a picture
of what greets you when you get there.
Immediately lined up with all sorts/kinds
of other bikes for the parade lap.
How would you like to meet the
rider with this helmet on a dark and
stormy night??
Had someone take my pic with the M1...

...which is all "Doctored" up!

Complete with slicks & custom exhaust.

A view seen regularly by many a rider

I met the owner of BMW Santa Cruz (also
Yamaha) where Thor spent last autumn.
How's this for irony? His family lived
in... Winnipeg!!! when he was young
then they moved to California. HE could
have owned the BMW/Yamaha dealership in
Winnipeg! But then who would have sold
Ducatis, eh Paul?
One of the "Koolest" displays of
merchandise was in the Brothers Bostrom
VERY trendy stuff. I would have bought
one of those helmets, but where would
I have packed it? I certainly wouldn't
have worn it... like my full face!!
The Geico Gecko made an appearance.
Cheesy, eh?
But I love cheesy!
The Jelly Belly truck and
motorcycle (complete with sidecar).
I finally got Chris Vermeulen's
autograph. He remembered me from the
day before when I'd only requested his
picture and asked how I was enjoying
myself at the track. A very nice young man.
It was finally time to return to
this sea of bikes to get ready...
...for the parade or fan lap!!!

And here's the parade lap (movie).
Turn up your sound if you want a
At the end of the lap, the "pumpkin
head" came along side me. Looks even
more gruesome on!
And now for some "eye candy" for
some friends back home...


Now how did this get in here?
Ah yes! Eye candy for me!
Fabio was very personable. He insisted
I was in the picture although I'm sure
you ladies looking at the picture might
not have noticed!
And on the 13th day, I got the one
autograph I really wanted!
The AMA Supersport race was totally
exciting. Roger Hayden passed Josh
Herrin in the very last corner for the
I went to visit Claire & Emily in
the SCRAMP office. Emily now works
in the Paddock area & Clare was actually
performing her final duties for Laguna
Seca. She now has a new job in Monterey.
It was nice to see Claire and know that
her job at Laguna Seca has led her to an
exciting new job.
Walking back to Lakeshore Parking,
there were great views. Here's
the Andretti Hairpin.
Turn 1 is in the foreground (See what I
meant? It doesn't even look like one from
this angle) and Turn 3 leading to the
Dunlop Tire Bridge behind it.
A different view of 1, 2, 3.

Turn 4 & the straight we waited on
to get back off the track. (Traffic
come towards you in this picture.)
People jammed into the concert held
at Turn 5. There was at least one fan
participation event each day.
As I walked to my bike I saw this
R75 and talked with the owner.
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