July 19, 2007: Ride to Morgan Hill, CA

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After the long day I'd had yesterday,
I thought I'd sleep in but I was up
with the sun and after packing up my
bike, I took a better look around.
The house Charlotte & Ross were
staying in was made out of stone and
wooden beams from an old bridge. The garden
was filled with flowers.
This one was my favorite because
it was bright and textured.
Fred, the owner of the house, was
there to get some trees cut down.
Since he was more familiar with the
Bay area, he was able to give me some
good advice on my travels fo the day.
After Ross and Charlotte made us all
a great tasting breakfast, I was off...
but not before getting a good picture of
the three of us.
I followed a nice curvy road that
led from Fort Bragg to Willits...
..complete with views.

Soon I was back on 101 and into
wine country.
Francis Coppola/Rosso & Bianco
sure had an impressive spread.
Beautiful setting for growing
After a couple of hours, I turned off
...to get this view!

From above, there is a great view
of the Golden Gate approach. Angel
Island is in the background.
Beyond the bridge you can see
the downtown skyline.
I went further down the road
in the Golden Gate National Recreation
area to get a wider view of the bridge.
The lookout point with the unobstructed
view was full of RVs and trailers...
wasn't interested in getting close to
large vehicles BACKING UP!!! ;)
After crossing, I turned left and
headed for the city. I ended up at
the marina parking lot.
I was confused about several things.
Could I stay parked there?
How far was Fisherman's Wharf?
and Ann to the rescue!
These San Francisco natives
drove me to Fisherman's Wharf,
gave me directions on where to explore
and how to get back to my bike.
Thanks, ladies!
The Cannery...

Fishing boats on the wharf...

Only one of many interesting ways
to navigate around San Francisco.
There were several outdoor restaurant
patios, all packed with people.
A view up Hyde.

Commuter pose.

How these things get up those
hills, especially full of people
is beyond me.
Everything at the wharf is
dressed up with flowers...
the streetcar turn-around...
...the different stores.

Another interesting mode of travel...
The "Go" car is computerized to
lead you on a tour of several different
A rooftop patio...

The Ghirardelli Chocolate Company
I treated myself to a small chocolate
(of course) shake.
Maritime Museum

The Balclutha

You can walk around this circular
sea wall. Alcatraz is in the background.
View from a walkway (closed street) above
Fort Mason Center.
Park at marina

Just one small section of the marina

Homes across the street from the
marina. I loved the terra cotta
coloured one.
And my walk has led me back to
my bike!
Sam, the sea tern (?), on his
favorite perch
More cool houses

Leaving the marina

These two gentlemen were kind
enough to give me directions to
the Presidio. Had a nice conversation
with them, as well.
Presidio area

Leaving the city via 19th
I would love to own pretty much
any of the houses I saw in this area.
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