July 12, 2007: Ride to Kelowna, BC

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View of Kootenay Lake from the
Tara Shanti Lodge.
As beautiful as it looks, I'm
glad I couldn't see anything in the
dark when I arrived the night before.
If I'd seen/realized how steep and
how loose the gravel was, I'd never
have made it up this driveway. As it was,
I literally SLID to a stop at the top of
of the hill into a spot next to another bike.
Mike, the innkeeper assured me
I'd make it back down the hill.
I did... at 0.001 km per hour on the
steep start, then at 0.002 kph after the turn.
Then onto the ferry!
The dock was only 500 m from Tara Shanti.
It's a good thing I found TS's sign in the dark.
Otherwise I would have driven right into the water
Thor, nicely tucked in behind the Kawi.
Last to load was this logging truck.

The driver was awesome!
He wedged himself in so tightly that
neither he or the RV beside him could
get out of their vehicles!
(BTW ... this classifies as a cool truck
on my website, Gav! ... Western Star, too!)
The Osprey

Views from the ferry of Kootenay Lake

Where we were...

Where we're going

Now heading north to Kaslo they
were building a new bridge on Hwy 31.
Translation: yet another delay...
Views along the west side of
Kootenay Lake.

Thor takes a breather

Kaslo City Hall

Along 31A between Kaslo and New Denver...
Awesome road to ride!
Nice place for a picnic, eh?
I stopped to take pictures but also
to space myself from a logging truck which
was impossible to pass on this winding road.
Neat little houses/cottages in
New Denver
View of lakeshore in Nakusp

Nakusp was certainly pretty!

Last one on the ferry!
They actually lifted the gate to let
me on. I was originally in line further
up but found out that Farquier was the
last place to get gas for awhile.
Good thing I did!
All there was for miles and miles
was wilderness...
...and twisties!! :)
The last sight I wanted to see this
day was Kalamalka Lake...
Wanted to see if the water was still
as blue... was... but dirtier... too bad.
Here's some faces my friends in Winnipeg
will recognize...
Ryan & Adriane love it here in Kelowna
And Ryan would love his buddy, Steve, to
visit... WITH bike, of course... -hint- -hint-
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