July 11, 2007: Ride to Kootenay Bay, BC

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I didn't know when I booked a room
that the Cobblestone Manor is a historic
site. Ivan, the current owner gave me a
tour of the house. The original building
was a log cabin covered in cobblestones.
Additions were added by surrounding the
original structure.
The original entrance is hidden behind
a plant in one of the dining rooms.
The builder/owner hand crafted
this fireplace and the stained glass
lights are all original (including wiring!).
Many of the materials were brought
from Italy, including the stained glass
and this wooden ceiling.
A view of Cardston from a hill above
the town.
Ivan suggested that I cross the border
at Chief Pass (Hwy 6) because the route
would be more interesting.
He was absolutely right.
Chief Mountain stands tall behind the
crossing station.
"Chief" is a very regal mountain.

Soon I arrived at Glacier National Park.

You could take boat tours if you wanted.

It was a good thing I decided not to...
THIS time... as my day was very full
without the hour ride.
You've heard the expression
"pretty as a picture"?
People everywhere in the park
kept stopping to take "just one more".
It's a good thing most people own
digital cameras nowadays... I would have
run out of film in about 10 minutes!

I decided to see things "closer up"...
So I went for a hike to...
...St. Mary's Falls
The colour of the water was awesome.
Downriver from the falls

I hiked back UP the trail...
(as a flatlander this was tougher than
my normal walks)... with a group from
Ohio. Two owned BMers (thumbs up!) and
one a Harley (no comment :).
Hey look! A glacier!

Near the top of Logan's pass
this area was full of waterfalls.
A closer look

Going through tunnels actually made
me nervous. The mountains are SOOOO
enormous... and HEAVY-looking! :)
Hug a mountain!
Look carefully "mid-picture" for the
road hugging the mountain. I was glad
to be travelling in the inside lane!
Look forward to where I'll end up...
Look back to where I've been!
Looking down the street in Whitefish, Montana
The view is of "Big Mountain", a place I've skiied.
Up at the very top is the bowl which,
when white (that's SNOW, everyone!!) is
an awesome place to be.
When you're worried about "making time",
you KNOW there's going to be a delay.
Traffic was stopped on Hwy 3 because of a rollover.
Someone said the driver was OK.
While we all waited, I chatted with the
people in the car ahead of me!
It was obviously a good day to meet
people! This is Ernst who is a dentist
in Cranbrook. More important... Ernst rides!
And this is Linley from Calgary.
First, he rides a KOOL bike (a brother to Thor!)
Second, he has good taste in vacations.
HE is going to Laguna Seca, too!
We figure we'll meet up there, gather as
many Cannucks as we can, and create a maple
leaf cheering section!
Last leg of the day...
A ride down 95/3A at sunset.
Awesome ride!
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