July 9, 2007: Ride to Swift Current, SK

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Tuesday before departure...
Problems... broken computer screen...
Wawanesa Insurance... Kevin gets the claim done by next day? Unheard of! But true!
Fix the screen? New parts and work done in TWO days?!? Unbelievable but... Victoria & Dan at MicroAge save the day! Friday, the computer is back home.

Thursday before departure...
Dustin changes my oil...
He discovers a glitch...
Seat won't lift with self made tail plate for top case in place.

Friday before departure...
Fred & John to the rescue!
Good thing at least ONE drill still had power on!

Packed up and ready to go? Nah!
Can't find anything!
Oh crap... where are my new driving gloves? Extra camera battery? GPS power cord?!?!
I thought I had all this done!!

Day of departure...
Everything's ready... isn't it??
8:00 a.m. departure time... not ready??
Will I leave LATE?!? What else is new?
Then FINALLY I'm on the road! All else is forgotten. California, here I come!

After finally getting on the road...
It was MY luck that I drove Hwy 2.
Detours, a stretch with one lane only.
While I waited for the pilot vehicle
to guide us through, I chatted with the guy
in this car from San Diego. We basically
compared notes about Laguna Seca
and routes to the land of sunshine.
Stopped in Souris for gas.
Checked out the suspension bridge.
View of the Souris River from the bridge.
The bridge's sway made me "seasick".
Good view from bridge of Butterfly Museum.

Entered Saskatchewan. Nothing but rain for 150 km.
My outside layer of raingear was soaked but inside I was dry.
Rain stopped; I dried off in the wind.
Rain started. I got really wet again.
Rain stopped; I dried off in the wind.
Rain started. I got really wet again.
Rain stopped; I dried off in the wind.
Get the picture? Yuck.
Then I finally got to Swift Current...
(and of course it didn't rain anymore that evening!!)
I arrived at Green Hectares.
Here's the official greeting party...

And the mischief maker...
She'd gotten the other two chasing her.
She hid in the wheel well and they ran
right past her.
And here's Esther & Dave
With their newest B&B attraction!
Inside the house

Off to the hot tub

Guess who visited me at the hot tub?

A walk back to the house

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