July 22, 2007: Laguna Seca!

Since I knew today would be the last
ride into Laguna Seca, I knew there
were a few pictures I wanted to take to
remember the ride in each day. This
avenue of eucalyptis trees was right
after the turnoff sign for Hollister
San Juan Batista. The smell was wonderful.
On Davis Road/Reservation Road, there
were huge fields of strawberries,
lettuce, onions and so on. Some were
just starting to grow like this one.
Some were about ready to harvest like
this one. The day before (Saturday)
there had been a field full of lettuce
which got picked while I attended the races.
I drove into the racetrack behind
this Yamaha R1. Cute plate.
I got to stand on the Moto GP podium
(mock-up) and hold the trophy (REAL
thing!). It was HEAVY!
As I walked to the hill near Turn 10,
I passed these Moto GP hopeful of
tomorrow. Cute!
I spent an hour watching the AMA
Superbike Qualifying trials and talking
with this man from Louisiana. He had
won a trip to the GP from his LA dealership.
We also talked about Katrina. He told
me how he had rescued members of his
family from New Orleans by boat.
I watched the Moto GP from above Turn 1.
Casey Stoner won in a run-away,
Chris Vermeulen was second and Marco
Melandri third. Valentino was fourth.
I watched the AMA Superbike from
the Corkscrew. Ben Spies won, Mat
Mladin was 2nd, and Aaron Yates was 3rd.
On the way out of the park, I had
a quick but interesting chat with this
Ausralian guy who lives in BC.
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