July 23, 2007: Ride to Winnemucca, NV

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During my last night at the Microtel
in Morgan Hill, I used the Internet
to plan a route home. I decided to get
out of California using Interstates.
On the I-680 which led to Sacramento,
you had to cross over a large expanse
of water and an industrial section.
The span I travelled is in the foreground
in front of the railroad bridge.
I met Mark & Nina from Santa
Barbara when I stopped from lunch.
Nina & Mark both drive "Wings" and
have done a lot of touring together
and independently. We might only have
chatted briefly, but I sensed a kindred
spirit in Nina. I look forward to
corresponding with them.
All day, I kept seeing the AMA
souvenir truck. I would pass it,
leave it far behind, then stop for gas.
Then I'd catch back up to it and the cycle
would repeat.
Just short of Reno at an I-80
scenic outlook.
The mountains and trees here had
a different feel to them.
I met Tammy at the outlook. If I
understood her correctly, this was the
first time she was travelling any distance
on her own. She was meeting her
sister there.
These rocks reminded me of a skull.

Skyline of Reno from the gas station.
That's as much time as I spent there.
Irrigated greenery near Lovelock.

Winnemucca... Model T Casino

I asked if I could take a picture
inside the casino and they said the
patrons wouldn't like it so, no.
I'd already taken this picture which
luckily included no people.
I gambled away my $5 on the penny
machines but kept this voucher for
a souvenir.
A view out the back of my hotel...
...typical desolate Nevada landscape.
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