July 24, 2007: Ride to Idaho Falls, ID

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When I went down for breakfast the
next morning, the local station was
talking about all the fires in the area.
I saw evidence of these fires along
the interstate as I rode along.
It was obviously whimsy what the
fire burned and didn't and also
when it jumped to the median or the
road. I don't know if they had to close
sections of I-80 at some time, but I
suspect they did.
This tunnel went right through
the mountain and was pretty creepy
to ride through.
As I rode along, there were subtle
differences in the landscape. Rocks
became redder. More types of scrub
started to appear.
I had lunch at his place which
was opened in 1923? I figured any
restaurant that had stayed open that
long must serve good food. I was right.
I just made the end of the smorg and
the waitresses were all nice about
making sure I got a good choice of food.
Down the road from Twin Falls was
this bridge which spanned the Snake
The view from up there was cool.

I should have looked for the falls
that Twin Falls & Shoshone Falls
were named for. Next time.
I rode a far as Idaho Falls.
My hotel backed on a one way road
that followed the river and a canal.
I walked to the canal before
... and was sung to by this little
fellow with red cheeks.
I decided to explore along the river
after dinner.
I started near the falls. The
falls are actually man-made...
...part of a water diversion project
to create hydro-electric power.
As part of the project they
created a recreation area. Kids
use the area under the bridge to swim.
On the right is fast moving water
that leads to the power plant. Some
water overflows creating the man-made
falls and flows down a slightly slower
moving stream (the part where the kids
were swimming.
Along the stream is a walking/jogging
path and the one way road that went
behind my hotel.
A policeman I met in the
recreation area said the town's
original name was Taylor's Crossing.
It then became Eagles Nest and finally
Idaho Falls after the falls that had
been created.
Farther along the stream. The
building in the background is the
temple of the Latter Day Saints.
I was puzzled to see a house on
this island.
Evidently it belonged to one of
the Taylor brothers. Access was always
by water. Furniture from the deserted
house is now in a museum. I learned all
this interesting information from
these two ladies whose names I have
unfortunately forgotten.
At the far end of the one way street,
just past my hotel, was a boat launch...
...and plenty of shoreline for fishing.

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