July 13, 2007: Ride to Vancouver, BC

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You've heard of red hat ladies?
These are the red bike boys!
From Ontario, they shipped their bikes
to Calgary and were staying (here) in Kelowna.
Lots of vineyards in the Okanagan Valley...

...and fruit stands!
BC fresh-grown fruit for breakfast! YUM!

As I drove out of Penticton, many
people were floating along this canal
that runs parallel to the highway.
Hwy #3A between Kaleden and Keremaos
wasn't the zigzag type of road I travelled
in previous days, but I enjoyed the
LONG sweeping curves that you could take
at speed. This "fishing hole" is right
on the highway.
As I drove up the hill in Princeton,
the headwind was so strong I could barely
keep the bike up. I filled up with gas
and literally one minute later, the power
went out ALL over the town.
A monsoon of a rainstorm hit us and
there was only one thing for me, two
other bikers and the cashier at the station
to do...
... but pull out the lawnchairs and
watch the light show (crack! boom!)!
I guess this avalanche of rock was
so popular to stop and see that the
highways department actually made a rest
stop there.
Before long, I reached Vancouver and
headed for Geoff's condo.
He and Nicole made me an excellent
dinner. Salad with Hollis Sauce (Hi Lee & Hollis!),
and white fish with cardomen (Nicole's
recipe)... yum!
Then Geoff and Nicole took me for a
a walk in their neighbourhood.
Some neighbourhood, eh?

It gets better...


Our last stop was at the dog park.

When they get a dog, both would like
either a lab or retriever.
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