July 20, 2007: Laguna Seca!

Time for the races!
I knew the way from last year.
I was there in no time and was
soon at the Yamaha Marketplace.
Do you think I need this new helmet?
Last year people were SO hot they
were dropping like flies. Solution:
these fans which blew iced air.
Cool! Literally!
What were the chances of running into
yet another couple from the ferry ride
(Coho)? This "Ducati" couple from BC
are of Australian descent and were cheering
for Casey Stoner.
I visited the paddock. Friday is
the best day to catch site of riders.
This is Geoff May.
Aaron Yates

I found myself more interested this
year in watching the dynamics involved
in setting up the bikes. This is Mat
Mladin's bike (note the Aussie flag on
the frame).
These are his technicians huddling
around the computers. They'd discuss
something then go to the bike to check
something out.
I went back to "star-gazing"
for awhile. This is Chris Vermeulen
during a break.
Colin Edwards sported his Stetson
all weekend.
Davide Brivio
Team Director
Fiat Yamaha
Casey Stoner

John Hopkins

Wayne Rainey

I'd stargazed enough for the time
being. I went and watched the practice
I also went back to the Yamaha
Marketplace. There I met Keith Code
who wrote "A Twist of the Wrist" (I & II)
which is the "guru guide" for those of
us who want to improve our riding.
This year's new version of BMW's
K1200R Sport. I liked the faring
but didn't like the headlights.
And this is what the guts of the
Mighty Thor look like. I have to
say, on highways, there hasn't been
anything passing me when I rolled on
Thor's throttle.
It was good to see displays of bikes
like Triumph which aren't available
in Winnipeg right now.
A "tricked out" Triumph

This bike was a work of art...

...and I got a chance to tell that
to the designer who was on the phone
to a guy keeping an eye on the bike.
There were a lot of bikes
"all dressed" being displayed.
Yamaha "best dressed"competition.
(BTW... the phrase best dressed is just
MY way of describing these bikes)
Most would recognize these as Yammies...

but who would know THIS bike is
actually an R6?




How's this for a paint job?

Or this?

Question: do you think this bike
displayed at Geico Insurance needs
to be insured against damage OR against
damage it inflicts?
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