July 14, 2007: Ride to Ucluelet, BC

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I woke up early the next morning.
I took some time to admire Geoff's
handiwork. He's done a fabulous job with
the renovations to the condo! Too bad he
doesn't live in Winnipeg. I'd ask him to
fix my bathroom!
I really like how he's commemorated
each of his foreign adventures with an
meaningful photo and a plaque with an
appropriate quote.
Geoff got up to send me off to the ferry.
Does he suit Thor or what?
When he gets his new bike he should
consider a K1200R! ;)
Hopefully we'll get a chance to take a
ride together soon...
PAVEMENT, Geoff!!!
(reminder to myself:
throw out those UGLY glasses!)
Onto the ferry and on to Vancouver Island

Arriving in Nanaimo

My fellow bikers...
The tall one,front left, was especially
helpful to a "flatlander" getting on a ferry.
Tony is retired now but HE was the
fellow that set Paul Germaine up as a
Yamaha dealer (Wildwood) in Winnipeg.
Tony was on his way to attend Motocross
races on the island.
In Port Alberni...
...turn right here!
I couldn't quite see the river in
Port Alberni so I took advantage of a
"for sale" sign to get to the river...
... to take this picture.

Not only was Hwy 4 awesome to ride...

...it was awesome to ride along.

Not sure what slowed everyone down...
some of those tight turns or some of
those magnificent sights.
At the entrance to the Pacific Rim
National Park
The Ucluelet Marina

Big daddy of the marina...

I drove up the hill from the marina
to Radford's. Judith was there to greet
me. After leading me to my room, she gave
me advice on where to visit during my
abbreviated stay...
The first good piece of advice was to
take this picture (towards the marina)
from the balcony outside my door... "You
never know," she said, "it might be overcast
or raining when you get back...
right on both counts!
Judith directed me to this beach...
...long name, can't spell it now...
...will update later...
There were lots of surfers on the beach,
all wearing wet suits... the water was
This guy stayed up...

One of the interesting things washed
up on shore was the seaweed.
I likedthe long whip-like tails on this
kind. The leaves or fronds were
"fun" slimey.
Mussels attached to the base
of this piece of seaweed
Neat texture and feel to all
these seaweeds
Kool texture of seaweed on the ...
other common commodity...

Hard to imagine but these huge logs...

...eventually become this!

You start to do "cloudwatch" (see
shapes in) the driftwood...
Can you see the frog leaping away
from the head of the snake?
Towards the south side of the beach
there is an interpretive centre/restaurant
nicely tucked into the landscaping
Past there, the beach really changes...
...wild and rocky
This poor fellow got...
de-??? ... de-armulated (new word)
I went to that restaurant for dinner
(I highly recommend the salmon!)
Great view from up there...
...look at all the wood on the beach!
Good thing I'm not here during
"storm season", ya think?
I missed this pretty welcome the
first time I came into town.
Little Beach or Small Beach??

I wish I had the spooky looking
tree at Hallowe'en! Or maybe not...
wouldn't be able to give out as many treats!
The light house near the end of the
Ucluelet "finger".
A view out towards where (I assume)
the boats have to pass to get into
the Ucluelet Marina.
These pretty flowers populate the
area in abundance.
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