July 26, 2007: Ride Home - Winnipeg, MB

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I woke up early in my Forsyth
hotel room because I knew I'd need
an early start to get home. The only
time I sat for more than a minute was
for breakfast and a chat with the
I passed on taking pictures of cowboys
on horses rounding up cattle. I
didn't stop to take pictures of the
Painted Mountains in Theodore Roosevelt
National Park. I only had this goal in
mind... Canadian soil...
...and a Prairie sunset!

I was hoping for a good reception
from Maggie... and got it!
Samantha was just a bit ticked off
with me for having been gone so long.
But my Sam-Buddy warmed up quickly...

...and Maggie soon forgot that I
had ever been away... and just wanted
to be fed!!

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