Utah to Nevada


I ate breakfast across from this pretty park in Delta.

They call Highway 50 the "loneliest highway in America". I'd agree with that. From Hinkley to Baker, there was 100 miles of mostly straight road with desert scrub and nothing to see because the mountains always seemed to be in the distance.

On the strict advise from the gentlemen from Roosevelt (see Day 4), I filled up with gas whenever I could. (At one station, I guy even told me how he'd run out IN the desert.) Stops along the way included Ely, Eureka (above), ...

...and Austin, where I ate lunch and chatted with this couple from Switzerland who were taking an RV vacation from Las Vegas to Lake Tahoe.

I relieved some of my boredom by following people like this guy on the chopper. Believe it or not, I figured he was too slow and eventually passed him. Then I found someone else to follow foe awhile and then pass.

I'm pretty sure this is a combination of sand and salt but I wasn't getting off my bike to hike out and test my theory. WAY too hot out there!

I arrived in Reno around 4 local time since I cut out my proposed trip to see Pyramid Lake. Why? The view from my room looks toward my originally planned route... enough said?

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