I stopped to look at the view. This lady and her friend stopped to make sure the rider was OK.

The view I stopped to look at.

Everywhere on the mountains... fences!

And around the bend...Thermopolis!

The world's largest hot springs.

Hot is kool!

Of course I had to explore!

Walkways leading you though.

Trickling down

On the suspension bridge.

View from the bridge.

A view down the stream.

The mineral water coming down from the mountain.

A rock made into a fountain.

Also in Thermopolis...

A lot could fit into that stomach!

Oh oh!

Wind River Canyon.

Canyon road's first of three tunnels in a row.

The dam. I liked this stretch of road so much I drove it, turned around, drove back, then returned back to this spot.

I don't get it. People race by lookouts like this every day and never stop.

Traffic had to wait for a pilot car to take you through a one lane road. I got off my bike and chatted with this gentleman who lives just outside Lander.

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