Manitoba to Montana

After a great evening at Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young, I slept in and left late! Thus I didn't do much siteseeing this particular day.


When I stopped in Glenboro, MB for gas, I met up with these 3 brothers from Winnipeg. They were just returning from a family reunion in Waterton, AB.

Of course I was bound to do something stupid which I prefer to call a "happy accident". I was in North Dakota running out of gas and the nearest town didn't have a gas station. They sent me to Newburg where the station was closed but it was a credit card pump... which didn't like ANY of my cards! OH NO!
Talk about lucky... Just a I was ready to panic, a man walked out of the garage where he had been working on a car. Gas. Gas, GAS, Thank you!
Newton was celebrating its Centennial and this was a restored fire engine (hand puled, 30 gallons).

I stopped for dinner in Minot where I chatted with a couple who were also into two wheels. This is a picture of the Scandinvian (beautiful) Park down the road.

I pulled into Sidney, Montana just as the last smidge of light had disappeared from the horizon. The roads along my way were all great and very relaxing but my helmet tells the story of what my biggest problem was!

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