My Summer Road Trip

August 2, 2014


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Where US30 meets 302 in Wooster, Ohio, there is the Wooster Cemetary with a memorial reading: "To the Heroes, Wayne Co, Ohio, 1895".
It's a very nice, well kept memorial. Goes to show that people are still affected by historical events.
At the same cemetary, there was an interesting underground crypt for a family who lived in the 19th century and died in the early 1900s. The wives of the two men outlived their husbands and also their children. As you see, much of it is overgrown but obviously SOMEONE trims back enough of the overgrowth so that the family can be remembered. When I was in university, a professor took our class to a cemetary in Winnipeg. He explained how much of history can be determined through the burial rites of its citizens.
Travelling along highway 250, I went through Apple Creek, Ohio. There, on a Saturday, there were many Amish farmers in town and many on the road (shoulder) travelling into town.
Most parked their buggies by the Apple Creek Bank and most looked to be doing business there.
Quite a contrast in the types of rides, isn't it? Thor looks so strange parked next to the buggies.
I came across this barn at the intersection of highway 800 and US 22. The "quilt" painted on the barn is part of a tradition explained here. I also liked the fact that the barn was two storeys tall!
This barn was at the same location. It was entirely dwarfed by the two storey barn.
Kitty korner from the barns was this old church. Not the far end of the roof that they are replacing with copper (I think). It will be VERY spiffy when done!
In Barnesville, Ohio, there were lots of beautiful old houses but I was espcially taken by this beautiful church made of rough red stone.
The terra cotta roof matched the rock. The various nooks and crannies were all so different... round medieval towers, then pointed rooftops, straight waslls, slanted walls... very eclectic in style.
Even the stained glass windows were different than the types you often see in churches.
In this picture alone there are several different kinds of openings... a round window, a square one, a window with a pitched top and an arched entryway.
My original route took me on 800 right through the Wayne National Forest to the Ohio River. When I got to Woodsfield, I met a huge "DETOUR" sign. I was redirected down 78 where I spied this cool overgrown barn.
As it happens, the detour also led me to the corner of 78 and 7 at the Ohio River where I found these buildings and views...
... of the Ohio River...
... and the railway tracks that lay beside it.
At the junction, there was also the "Big Red House, The Potter Inn". Looked as if it would be a nice place to stay!
I followed the Ohio River, west on 7.
Along the riverbank, there were all kinds of activities. I THINK these guys were training for football, but since they had no equipment besides blocking pads, it was hard to tell... they were mostly doing fitness drills.
I believe this was a dam but if so...
... there were obviously locks on the dam because this barge passed through there.
Another view towards the dam (?). A lady at the junction of 7 and 78 had said I could go up on the dam from a roadside park but unfortunately, I must have missed the entrance.
Further along the river, there was a rest stop where I took the next few pictures.
Across the river, there were people paddling kayaks. The Ohio River is much wider than our Red River in Winnipeg but in Winnipeg, few (ordinary) people would brave the Red in a kayak due to strong currents.
It was certainly a nice view.
As I sat for a few minutes, another barge came towards me. They certainly move quickly! I THINK the barge was loaded with rock/stone. I had seen a plant in the area... the only thing marring a beautiful river view.
I had driven by one bridge to take the previous pictures and the original plan was to cross the river at the junction of 800/7. However, what the map/GPS failed to show me was that the crossing was by ferry and it was not in evidence. Luckily, there was another bridge farther west (807) which allowed me to cross the river in time to go onto highway 16 in West Virginia.
Along highway 16... there were rolling hills and there was lush growth everywhere.
Follow the ?red? brick road??
A country home equiped with many "toys" and sheds for all of them!
Highway 16 was interesting... twisty and scenic... BUT... there certainly weren't many safe places to stop along the way to snap pictures! This barn sat near a pond but I couldn't get a good angle to get both into this picture. Get off the bike, you say? Considering the tiny patch I was TEETERING on, don't think so!!
When it started to rain on and off, I dropped off highway 16 at the interstate leading to Charleston (I-79). Soon enough (thundershowers began just after), I arrived at my motel.
US30 to Wooster, OH
US250 to New Philadelphia, OH
800 to Woodsfield, OH
78 to Ohio River
7 down Ohio River
807 across to St. Marys, WV
16 to Interstate 79
I-79 to I-64
I-64 to Charleston, WV

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