My Summer Road Trip

August 12, 2014


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The final day began with a PREDICTION of good weather but the reality of rain... for all of 1/2 - 3/4 hour. For once, the weatherman proved correct... as soon as I reached Minnesota, that is. Traffic passing St. Paul/Minneapolis was horrible, especially because of construction BUT anyone who's travelled through "the land of lakes" knows that Minnesota is a nice state to travel through whether on the Interstate or the prettier back roads.
I didn't make a lot of stops along the way but I'm glad I picked THIS one.
Everything that is typical of Minnesota is wrapped into these pictures... farmland...
small lakes and streams... sometimes with easy access and sometimes a back, dirt road.
I reached Fargo, ND, for lunch then it was hour one: Grand Forks, hour two: the border, and hour three: home sweet home. As a pulled up to the garage, I noted that I'd FINALLY reached 80000+ km on Thor. It's taken too long!
I can't tell you how quickly pulled into the garage, hopped off my bike and ran into the house to greet my sister, Melanie, who'd been babysitting Percy and Jakie. The two boys didn't even play strange (who the heck are you?) when I opened the door. They did the feline "rub against you... you belong to me" thing. I picked up Lucy Lemonade just a bit later from my friend's (Ann's) house.

Another wonderful trip, lots of great roads to travel on, some wonderful people, some beautiful and interesting sights, and a load of wonderful (and maybe not so wonderful - but having distance from troubles helps you to find humour in them) experiences to remember. Can't wait for my next adventure!!!
I-94 past Minneapolis to Fargo, ND
I-29 north to the Canadian border
75 north to St. Adolphe
200 north into Winnipeg and HOME!!

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