My Summer Road Trip

August 11, 2014


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It was finally time to go home! I said goodbye to my gracious host (owner/manager of the Super 8) who had been very good to me during my stay. I headed out on a cool, rainy, windy day with the sould purpose of "getting half way home". Half way between Indianapolis and Winnipeg is Eau Claire, WI. At the very least, I hoped to get there, Optimistically, I hoped to get to Minneapolis/St. Paul. The coolness didn't bother me. I was dressed warmly enough. The rain was uncomfortable, but again I was dressed correctly and there were showers rather than downpours. The wind, however, bothered me a lot.
Because of the weather conditions and my desire to get home by Tuesday night, I didn't stop to take ANY pictures on the road. What I've done here is borrow screen captures from Google Maps and edit them with my favourite paint program, Corel Painter. I wanted to show you how the landscape changed along my route. Here, I've portrayed the prairie grasses, shrubs, and trees you see as you depart from Indianapolis.
As you travel further west, there are more small lakes and streams surrounded by lots of greenery.
At my lunch stop, a cute sign reminded me of one of the reasons that I wanted to get home by the next night. I missed Lucy, my goofy mutt, and Percy, my cuddly cat, and Jake, the troublemaking feline.
As you head up through Illinois and Wisconsin, there is a lot of rolling farmlad.
When you get to the Wisconsin Dells/Camp Douglas area, you'll find lots of interesting rock formations and lush green vegetation. I love riding through Wisconsin!
The wind and rain finally got to me. I just couldn't travel any further than Eau Claire, WI, that night. I found a nice hotel and next door was the North Crossing Family Restaurant. Great food, nice people!
I-74 west to Bloomington, IL
I-39 north to Rockford, IL
I-90 north to Tomah, WI
I-94 northwest to Eau Claire, WI

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