Lago di Gardo
         Ponte Tresa

Time to say goodbye to Hotel Ideal Park, a family run (von Frasnelli) business. Do you think they've been hoteliers since the 1500s??
You can see by the hotel's parking lot...
... that this area (and hotel) is very popular with two wheel riders.
On the way out of Laives, I needed gas. I found it funny that the gas station needed 4 different card readers to cover all different types. For fun, I pulled out a Visa, the man picked up one of the readers, I then said "no, no" and pulled out a Mastercard, he picked up a different reader then I finally pulled out an American Express. From my giggles, he realized I was just teasing him and he laughed too.
I breezed down the autostrade for awhile and in the sunlight, because you could see the mountaintops, the ride was great.
My Dad, who worked setting up microwave networks (mobile networks) would have been interested in the towers atop many of the mountains.
Because wet weather had prevented me from visiting Lago di Garda on the way to the Bolzano area, visiting it now was a must.
This is the north end of the lake where you turn off SS240 to SS249 to follow the east side of the lake.
In Nago-Torbole I met Fredried and Baerbe from Germany... not on a German Beamer though... on a Suzuki.
They were a very nice couple. Here are the two "Barbs".
Nago-Torbole was very pretty.
There was barely enough level ground on the edge of the lake for all the houses, hotels, and businesses.
As you can see in this picture, some of the shoreline wasn't habitable.
It certainly was ruggedly beautiful though!
It didn't just look good, it smelled good along the shoreline. I'm thinking this flower was some type or a cousin of plumeria.
Look how crystal clear the water was.
Wouldn't you love to wake up and have your coffee on this deck every morning?
Another gorgeous view.
I suppose being a mountain lake, the water was cold, but it didn't deter these wind surfers from having a wonderful ride.
Each of these was a man-made suntanning/enjoy the shoreline spot along the lake.
Look at the interesting shoreline in the distance, left.
Wherever a marina could be tucked into...
... it was!
No better way to enjoy the lake than to be on it!
This beautiful villa(?) was across the road from the marina.
Castello Scaligero in Malcesine.
Castello Scaligero has 13th-century fortifications and an older medieval tower.
What a great place for a soccer (football) field!
Near Cassone.
Here's a great place to sit and relax!
A simple yet elegant fence in Torn del Benaco caught my eye.
In Garda...
... lovely water...
... weird but wonderful trees!
Colorful buildings!
I stopped for lunch on the south end of the lake on the Fiume (river) Mincio.
A high speed railway bridge crossing the river. Note the wires that power the trains above the tracks.
From there, I hopped on the autostrade to Milan to drop some things off at Hotel Piccolo. I then took the autostrade north to the lake area, specifically to Ponte Tresa.
Although Ponte Tresa is in Italy, you travel north into Switzerland to Lugano then west around the lake. My hotel was 100-200 meters over the Italian/Swiss border. I am looking out my hotel room window towards the border crossing (left).
This gorgeous house was just down the street from my hotel.
A family of swans was having a late afternoon swim in the lake.
Modern art framing an old style of architecture.
Near sunset.
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