Today I hopped on a bus to get to my desired destinations. Here's where I got off.
A meeting spot for the Metro, trams, and buses, it had these cool scuptures/fountains (this and next picture).
A stone's throw away, the Castello...
... I didn't go in yet. I'd slept in (still hlf Winnipeg time/half Italian time...) and wanted to go to the places which would close earliest first.
First I walked towards Sante Maria Grazie... only a 5-10 minute walk from the bus stop.
Along the way I admired the great doors...
... and the "driveways" leading into courtyards of the residences in the neighbourhood.
Then I arrived at the church. It is the home of Leonardo Da Vinci's "Last Supper".
I didn't see the fresco (you have to sign up weeks ahead) but instead saw a collection of Leo's technical drawings. Obviously, you aren't allowed to take pictures to ruin them but I wish I could have held a magnifying glass to them. Although each is on paper about 9"x12", Da Vinci drew really, REALLY small details and a lot of small things! They were more like doodles... just like MY staff meeting "notes"!
I didn't realize that this church was bombed during WWII thus the Last Supper had been greatly damaged from exposure to the outdoors. I suppose THIS wall was damaged during the same incident.
More walking... this time I was admiring window boxes and balconies...
My intention was to visit the Da Vinci Museum of Technology but guess what? Closed Mon-Wed during May.
I managed to get a picture of this...
... and of this neat marble "window".
Doesn't look much like one to ME, but this is a hospital... ospitale.
Couldn't resist... do you think I can convert my garage somehow to be as inviting?
I did resist these but it's sure hard... panatteria are EVERYWHERE!
I ran across this gate, obviously from some fortification from long ago.
The guy with the "wheels" is one of thousands of Italians who drag a suitcase to work or the market. Samsonite must have made a great Italian commercial!
How'a this building for classy?
Don't have the Internet as I type this. This church is also one of the "gems" of Milan.
The outside is very nice but not ornate like the Duomo...
It DOES boast neat details though...
The priest who gave a little "talk" about the church did so in Italian so I'm not sure but wouldn't you think these date back to medieval times??
I liked this metal railing...
The carved doors were exceptional...
I loved the lion head door knobs.
The glass protecting the doors allows you to take some interesting "reflection" shots.
Inside the church there were some beautiful and elaborate things... see for yourself...
Across the street from the church, this beast guarded the complex's mailboxes.
Down the street...
... a monument to national patriots.
Don't you love this tree? The bark has such great looking textures and the leaves are like pine needles but look "waxier".
On my hike to nowhere/everywhere...
... a Catholic university.
Once owned by the Medicis, donated to the "state" as a home to one of Italy's important officials.
Fashion in Milan dictates Audrey Hepburn pictures on all types of clothing for outrageous prices.
Bugada's. Note the "sea" theme... the sting ray, all black diamond in silver necklace was SOOOO cool but... where would I wear it? ;)
I DID like the jaguar pins... but where would I get the money to eat after purchasing one? :)
Different store. CHUNKY bracelets... more like weapons but interesting shapes.
They were excavating these ruins and had unearthed some graves but that's all I could read from the sign...
Looked good, smelled good, too!
A shape towering above some buildings led me to this church.
Not big or spectacular like the others I'd seen but, as far as a CHURCH goes, I liked this one best.
Home to a symphony orchestra...
Flower vendors with fresh cut flowers were everywhere!
Now back to the Castello!
The inside courtyard was Huge!
My favourite part of ANY castle!
Missing parts but still impressive!
A vistor?
NO! Many, MANY cats live in this corner of the castle. All beatiful, all wild and therefore skittish of people. My Humane Society collegues will cry to learn that I counted at least 30 cats, all "hanging out".
Enjoy the next pictures... all inside the walls of the Castello.
Every castle needs a moat!
Although the inside fortress is in pretty good shape, the outside walls are not.
Parco Sempione is directly behind the Castello.
A sculpture garden inside the park.
SOMETHING... a commercial? a TV spot? was being shot there and passers by were really interested in in.
MANY people walking their dogs in the park. How's this for cute?
Doggies get their own drinking fountain but I never did find one for humans!
At the far end of the park...
Maintenance was being done on the Arch.
You could still see SOME detail...
... and the marble was certainly sparkling where it was already clean.
The football stadium (soccer).
A peek in.
Guess what I did to end my day? I got to walk the roof of the Duomo! Enjoy all the exquisite details up close! BTW marblecarvings EVERYWHERE, even in places you couldn't possibly see unless... you were on the roof!
Met and briefly chatted with a guy from Brazil at the top... Thus there is proof I was "amongst the angels" (further down the page).
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