Arrival in Milan

My plane rides were uneventful but one of the stopovers was! I had lots of time in Toronto to switch gates but in Frankfurt is was a bit tighter. When I left my Air Canada flight I had to change gate areas. There were huge lines through customs but I knew there was enough time as long as things kept moving. I already knew the departure gate from a Lufthansa official... A26. After customs, I had to go back through a security check. Steel toed boots and belt buckles DO slow you down! I rushed to gate A26 but no one was there! I knew I should still have time so I rechecked the board. Gate change! A34... a rush down the longgggg hall and there was everyone. Just enough time to go to the ladies room! When I walked backed out, everyone was gone!! passengers, LH staff... Oh no! but... another gate change... A22... run!! This time, I didn't take my off the board/lady at the gate util they let me in!!
Why an Italian ride?
Look where I'll be headed in just a very short time?? I believe by the shape of this lake that it is Lake Iseo. Keep an eye out for Wednesday's ride!!
Met this fellow (Robert from Ireland) at the Milan Malpensa airport. He couldn't get home to Ireland because of more ash clouds from the Icelandic volcano. He and several others had been in Italy for boat races. He was the only one from his team who wasn't able to get home (others had different destinations). He's just bought a 1954 BMW R25/3 and is looking forward to getting it on the road. I hope he'll let me know how that works out!
The airport is a long way from Milan but I was able to take a bus (rode in talking to Robert) to a stop very near my hotel (circled white to circled blue).
I grabbed a taxi to my hotel. Iwas shown to tiiiiny elevator which took me to my tiiiiny yet adorable room on the third floor which had a balcony looking out over the neighbourhood.
I got myself organized to go out and got directions to visit central Milan...
I certainly didn't have to go far to find some beautiful places...
This looked like a lovely place to live... just down the street from where I'm staying!
I travel to Italy to see someone riding a Harley?!?!?
Even with great directions, I still got lost... but that's OK... I wouldn't have found THIS place if I'd gotten off at the right stop!
Or this one. Don't ask me what they were or especially WHERE they were...
...lost maybe, happy to see these thing, definitely!
Lots to see...
...but I knew I'd eventually have to find my way so I pulled out my GPS and started hiking.
Along the way, bicycles, scooters and motocycles! And in this CIVILIZED society they have special places for two wheelers to park!
Then, in the distance, my original destination. Thank you George Peter Sierra...
...GPS! And you even found me "cool stuff" along the way!!
Lovely stonework!
I love "turrets"! This one is SO cool!
Going up!
The Duomo was actually further than it first seemed (LARGE!) but I finally was on a street that led right to it.
An unbelievable amount of intricate details!
Statues, gargoyles...
A better look.
I liked the ones that leapt right out at you!
I didn't get it. I thought going in that picture taking was forbidden inside but everyone was AND right in front of the guards so... I couldn't pass up the chance for a picture of the organ. The keys are by the red curtains. You can't help but see the pipes.
One of the side alcoves. The pictures will seem a little "soft" since I didn't use flash inside. Perhaps that was what they meant at the entrance.
Detailing to the right of the alter.
A crypt.
Confessionals... beautifully carved!
Details of a "fence" restricting access to an alcove.
Beautiful statues inside too!
IMHO the most interesting statue in the Duomo. Muscles that "pop", visible networks of veins, his shawl adds a third foot and third hand. I will look this one up to find out more about it.
Behind the Duomo...
... many buildings were not marked or maybe they were and because of my (lack of) Italian I didn't realize it. I would have liked to know what this building was.
I very much like the sun in the Duomo's stonework. Similar to things I have doodled... perhaps I designed this panel in a previous lifetime?? :)
Along the other side of the Duomo. A very new building with very different but lovely detail as well.
Two very different types of architectural detailing.
Front view. I loved the lions in the enormous monument in Duomo Square.
I wondered why the horse was charging TOWARDS the Duomo.
More details and don't miss the golden Madonna (??) or saint.
To the left of Duomo Square...
...La Galleria! Home of Gucci, Louis Vittuon, and Prada to name a few!
... Prada! No price tags... if you shop there, prices are not an issue. I toured the store and admired the merchandise. In the "bargain basement", a lady was purchasing a lovely bag for only € 2000!!
A preview of this season's European styles!
Choice of leathers and buckles for customized belts.
The "shopping mall" was as elegant as the shops.
There were some more everyman's shops like this store which catered to Italian soccer fans.
Outside one exit from the Galleria...
La Scala...
...and a tribute to Milan's favoured son...
... Leonardo.
Another beautiful spire led me down that side street.
A peak inside a private entrance.
A banking or financial area...
... using buildings dating to the 1700s like this one.
The other end of the spired building that had led me down that side street.
A different entrance/exit of La Galleria.
A walk down the street leading away from the Duomo...
A peek back though some arches...
A important building?? One would thiink so!
A view of a courtyard from the arched Memorial I was taking pictures from.
Piazzo Cordusio, the departure point for my tram...
... complete with yet another gorgeous ediface.
Back to my hotel... hey!
I'm the ONLY one with a balcony!!
Blue circle indicates hotel area.
Red circle indicates Duomo area

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