Day 20

Indianapolis to Crystal, MN

I got up early and packed up my bike then headed on out to the interstate. I saw and talked to several riders who had also attended the Moto GP along the way, most notably a fellow from Ontario with whom I rode with for several hours.

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Before I left the Hyatt, I met yet another pair of Moto GP fans... Luis and Luis Jr. I had a great talk with Luis Sr. who showed me photos from his cell phone of himself and many of the riders, most notably Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo. Since Luis was from Spain, I asked him if his favourite rider was Lorenzo or Pedrosa (both Spanish). He replied "neither". He is a huge Rossi (Italian) fan.
My route out of Indianapolis was pretty direct. I was right next to the Interstate which headed me north to meet up with 70. I wanted to get home in just a couple of days so I didn't stop often, but if I had MOST of the scenery was similar to this time when I DID stop.
To be honest, after 19 days away from home and most of that riding, interstates can get pretty boring so when a group of 5 riders passed me, I hooked onto the end of the train and rode with that group for quite a while. The first couple of riders "on the train" weren't even with the other three. When the three pulled off for gas, I needed to as well so I got to talk to the riders who had also attended the Moto GP. They were from Illinois close to Peoria.
At another gas stop, this time in Black River Falls, Wisconsin, home of ugly moose...
I met a fellow from Toronto who also had been at the GP. HIS ride was just starting... the GP had been at the front end of it. We sat in the Subway and discussed routes he could take through the Rockies. I know he used at least one of my suggestions... 14/14a through Wyoming towards Yellowstone Park. I know (because he told me) that he really liked that one.

It was nice riding along with my new friend but we parted ways at River Falls where I had thought to spend the night. When I took the exit, there was nothing there. I removed my sunglasses and realized there would be at least another hour of daylight. I pulled back onto the Interstate and saw a sign announcing that Minneapolis was only 34 miles away - less than 1/2 hour. I decided to press on and spend the night there. I took the north bypass around St. Paul/Minneapolis and ended up spending the night in Crystal, Minnesota. Ironic... I ended up near where my friend had said he'd be riding to. Too bad I didn't continue riding with him.

Everything was peachy until I decided to go for something to eat. I had loosened my tank bag then thought better of removing it entirely (I needed something to put my purse in since my other bags were in "packed - not to be unpacked until you get home" mode). When I took off from the parking lot, I forgot that the tank bag wasn't strapped down at its base anymore. I took a sharp turn out of the parking lot onto the street, the (heavy) bag shifted and the bike was tipping. I went to put down my right leg (should have just "given it" to Thor) but my knee buckled (darn those years of competitive sports sometimes!) and just like that... I was on the ground with the bike on top of me AND I couldn't get my right foot out from under the tipped bike no matter what I did.

Enter Ricardo! He was going to the corner store with his 3 month old baby in the car. As soon as he found someone to watch her, he and another fellow were able to lift the bike off me. OUCH! Just a scuff to the bike. My foot really hurt. The knee seemed fine.

Thank you SO much, Ricardo!!

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