Day 21

Last Leg HOME!!

Since I had sprained a knee the night before, riding home was a painful endeavor. I could only stay on the bike for about 100 clicks at a time before I had to get off the bike and "unlock" the knee. I left Crystal at 6:30 am (since I still felt I was on Eastern time - 7:30 - it didn't seem so bad) and didn't arrive home until 3:45 pm. Actual riding time: about 6.5 hours.

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Although I stopped often because of my painful knee, I really didn't take many pictures along the way. These two sights were just too nice to pass up... a family of ducks on one of Minnesota's 100000 lakes....
... and the sun rising over the same lake. Location: Albertville. I realized the mall wouldn't be open at 7:00 am, but it doesn't hurt to check (I wanted a golf visor from Izod) and it gave me one more stop to get my knee unlocked.
Too funny! A humongous prairie chicken near a truck stop.
I've NEVER stopped at a rest stop between Grand Forks and Winnipeg, but I really "knee"ded to this time. Pretty nice actually.

When I headed out from Minne, I started with a leg of about 125 clicks, followed by one of about 100, then one of 90, one of 75... You notice the distances keep decreasing. Trust me, I'm no wimp but the swelling around my knee was just SO painful when I couldn't move it anywhere.

After I crossed the border, I made it as far as Morris (about 40 clicks), then the church in the middle of the road (about 25 clicks), then the St. Adolph cut-off (15 clicks and what happened to the bridge? I was going to cross over and head for home up that way), then St. Norbert (only 7 clicks from home?), and finally, to my relief, I finally was there. OUCH, OUCH, OUCH! Good thing I twisted the knee on the second LAST day instead of the second day!!!
Guess who was glad to see me? Percy scratched at the screen of the downstairs window so much, I was sure there wouldn't be anything left of it. Maggie and Samantha met me at the door!

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