Day 16

Dubois, PA to Indianapolis, IN

Today, I didn't leave Interstates except to get gas. I wanted to arrive in Indy in time to pick up my Moto GP tickets as well as my replacement gas cap.

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I enjoyed my ride on Pennsylvania and Ohio interstates. In fact, besides being feats of engineering, some of those roads are VERY scenic. Too bad you can't stop on interstates. I would have taken several pictures.

When I rode into Indianapolis, I recognized the route to the Speedway from the year before. I soon was at the ticket office and picked up my tickets from "will call".

That being done, it was time to take care of this. You would think that a gas cap hinge would be made of more durable material than white metal. I'll have to write BMW about that.
The tech at the BMW dealership (camera shy guy bending over the tank) was nice enough to fit the lock assembly into the new gas cap and then I pulled out my set of torx, took out the old assembly, and replaced it with the new. TaaDaaa! No more duct tape!!
I went directly to the Hyatt to get settled in for the weekend.
I did well with the Hotwire connection. My room was very comfortable.
Nothing like your own bar, right?

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