Day 17

Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis Speedway

First day at the races. Thought I'd get the "lay of the land". They'd changed things around a bit, mostly on how to get from point A to B. I visited the displays, the vendor market, and the paddocks.

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After parking in P8 (circled in green on the map), I went directly to the vendor displays. BMW had their new superbike, the S 1000 RR, on display. NICE!
Next stop... Yamaha! The Boz Brothers hosted a bike show again this year. Get a load of the seat on this bike.
This bike was very cool, but I wouldn't want to ride it!
Here was my favourite. It's actually "recycled". This bike won the show last year and was repainted and detailed differently for this year's show.
In the main Yamaha tent... One of Rossi's two M1's from the 2008 season.
So many buttons... Since the M1 is a "prototype" bike, controls won't be quite the same to any other bike you'd find on a showroom floor.
Next up, the vendor marketplace. Bill Patterson, the house artist from Mazda Laguna Seca, was there. I love the way he uses paint.
At the AGV Helmet store, they were selling these $799US limited edition Rossi helmets by the handful. It is one of my favourites.
When I walked over to the entrance to the Paddock, this Red Bull car was trying to make its way through the crowd.
Different kind of vehicle, for sure. On the right, a drum set. On the left, a keyboard!
I had to go and take a peek at Rossi's garage!
I had made a "congratulatory" gift for Rossi on his 100+ Moto GP wins. I gave it to one of the Fiat guys who handed over to one of his mechanics. I hope he got the gift.
Three bikes for three riders from the 125 series. I really liked their complementing colors.
The infamous corner 1. Infamous because many riders got into trouble last year entering this seemingly tame curve.
Another view of the curve. On this side of the artificial grass is the pit lane exit. On the other side, the actual curve.
As I walked towards Ducati Island, a group of riders with the same bike and gear were assembled. It turns out these are the "taxi squad". When a rider goes down during the race, these are the guys who bring them back to their garage.
Who would have "thunk"? What are the odds that I'd run into Sharon and Gary from New Jersey who were Days Inn neighbours at last year's Moto GP. Sharon was actually the one who recognized me. It wouldn't be the only time I ran into them during the weekend.
Part of Yamaha's display this year included their musical instruments.
After leaving the track, I returned to my hotel (in rain) and was shuttled over to a nearby restaurant called "Indys". The restaurant was decorated with all things Brickyard and NASCAR.
The rain finally stopped and I walked back from Indys to the hotel. The parking lot was FULL on motorcycles, these in particular from the Carolinas... both North and South.

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