Day 15

Bennington, VT to Dubois, PA

Today I travelled through Vermont, New York, and Pennsylvania.

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I had met Teddy the night before but didn't realize there was also a house cat. As I packed up my bike, I met this little fellow.
Curious little guy, he checked out all of my gear as well as jumped right up on my bike. Perhaps he wanted to join me on my trek.
When I had asked where to find a restaurant for dinner the previous evening, the host of Harwood Hill Motel had given me a Bennington brochure. A couple of things shown in the brochure had intrigued me and I decided that I wanted to see them before leaving the area.
And here one is... Mill Bridge! Seems Bennington has SEVERAL covered bridges.
Looks like the other but this bridge was farther up the river.
I actually looped back to the first bridge because I caught sight of this (and the next few) view(s) but I couldn't find anywhere to pull over on my first ride through.
Was it worth doubling back? I think so.
I could have sat here for hours.
The water was so still yet just a short distance down the stream...
...the water level dropped over this man-made dam...
...and continued down...
...over this natural rock formation.
Then the water continued on its way.
I took this picture because there seemed to be a "green monkey" perched on the overhanging branch. Do you see what I saw?
When I walked back to where I'd parked my bike, I surprised to see this school bus, barely fitting under the bridge's rafters. Seems school started this very day in Vermont... August 26th.
Back across the river, on the other side of the bridge, I snapped this picture of the water falling below the Mill Bridge.
A picture of yet another covered bridge, this one on Silk Road.
I was able to climb underneath this bridge to take this picture.
On my way out of Bennington, I stopped to take a picture of the Bennington Battle Monument.
This store in New York was just SOOOO garish I HAD to take its picture!
In Albany, New York, I happened upon MAX BMW Motorcycles. They didn't have my gas cap in stock but they were nice enough to help me by finding the phone number and address of the dealership in Indianapolis so that I could order it and pick it up once I was there.
I had planned on going just a bit further but construction on the interstate slowed things down considerably. I finally got to Pennsylvania and was prepared to go further when the traffic stopped completely. Perhaps there had been an accident or whatever but we sat on the highway for at least 20-30 minutes. I'd had it. I pulled off the highway at the first opportunity and lodged for the night in Dubois, PA.

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