Day 14

Newport, ME to Bennington, VT

I experienced sites in three different states on this day... Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

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I woke up fairly early and left Prey's Motel in Newport.
Just before Skowhegan.
Which came first? I loved this converted barn now obviously a someone's home.
Still travelling on US 2...
...along the Kennebec River.
A closer look at the dam.
Now in Skowhegan... This is not the dam I saw from a distance (see previous photos). There must have been a series of them along the river.
Half the dam was closed, obviously for repair.
I'll always remember Skowhegan for its use of crazy yield signs instead of stop signs... dangerous! Traffic coming from all directions!

There was a fair amount of construction on Hwy 2. I noted that this set of traffic lights used solar panels for power.
When I stopped for gas in Rumford, I LOVED the washroom signs.
A bridge crossed... Rumford.
Watch dog???
Another view of the river in Rumford.
Around the bend in Rumford.
Not obvious at first was that the river was dammed...
... a natural waterfall
Another view.
When I stopped in Gorham, NH, for lunch at a Subway, I met Bill from the Adirondack area in New York.
At the same stop, I met these two travellers from Ontario who were going to go up Mount Washington but not on their bikes. Evidently it's a pretty hairy ride and it's hard to stop and take pictures so they were going to go on some sort of bus tour. It just made me curious what the mountain road would be like.
And how did I end up stopping at the Subway? People might make fun of these various and assorted mascots you see along the road, but they make the ride more interesting and are often the deciding factor in just when you stop for lunch. This moose was across the street from the Subway.
Don't exactly know what this stone structure was... I saw it somewhere past Bowman and before Jefferson Highlands.
This was the view from the parking lot of a Maple Syrup Plant past Riverton.
I crossed the Connecticut River to go from New Hampshire into Vermont.
Connecticut River from the Vermont side.
At a pretty rest area on Interstate 91S.
In Springfield, Vermont. The sun was so bright against this church and house that it was hard to take a good picture of them.
I was greeted at the Harwood Hill Motel by a friendly (but loud) boxer named Theodore aka Teddy. Here he is, hamming it up for the camera beside his master, the proprietor of the motel.
My "cottage" was on the lawn with a great view of the sunset.
And here's a beautiful Vermont sunset!

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