Day 7

Matane, QC to Bonaventure, QC

I followed my proposed route (blue) with a couple of small exceptions (green).
It was a drizzly, foggy day for my birthday. The drizzle didn't bother me but the fog did. I didn't even stop or take pictures in Perce (neat place) because by that point I was racing to beat bad fog, nightfall AND a thunderstorm. I made it into Bonaventure in the dark (less fog by that time) and 5 minutes before the storm let loose.

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When I woke up, I took a look around Matane. This lighthouse/lightkeeper's house was used as the town's tourist information centre.
And then I was on my way! The day was VERY foggy. You really couldn't see anything past a couple of hundred metres.
It was a little eerie but also pretty. This and the above photo were taken near Les Mechins.
Just past there, I took this picture of this cozy residence with a great view of the St. Lawrence Seaway.
Same place, different viewpoint.
Near Capucins there was this lovely farm. There was a lone wind tower - perhaps the farm generated its own power?
I think the land on the other side of the road might also have belonged to the same farmer.
What a great view you'd have as you harvested your crops!
I'm not into knowing names of flowers (OR weeds), but I liked the pretty pink of these.
I had stopped for gas in Ste-Anne-des-Monts and I was getting back up to speed as I reached the far side of town. Was I ever suprised to see a rather large and clumsy deer running towards me on the road's shoulder. Of course it wasn't a deer and by the time I was able to pull over, a man down the road was shoo-ing this baby moose back to the woods.
He/she was huge and ran VERY fast. I'm glad this was my only direct contact with one of these critters!
On the road leading to La Martre, there were a couple of interesting sights.
First, the tall cliffs were dripping moisture towards the road and this case formed a small waterfall (Chutes le Voile de la Mariee).
Second, because you were nestled into a little "cove", the fog made it difficult to see beyond the single curve in the road.
Third, yes, there was a working lighthouse above the main part of the road, painted a delightful red.
Red, I've decided, is a GREAT colour for buildings which sit amongst lush green surroundings.
I wonder what the view from here would be like on a nice day. As you can see, I couldn't see much beyond the railing.
Of course that's what lighthouses are for... to aid boaters in BAD weather. In good weather, you can see things for yourself.
The main road below and a rocky shoreline.
Yes, red is definitely a good colour.
I continued on my way and as I braved the fog and wind, a new road sign emerged...
... tomorrow's headline: "Bike Swept Out to Sea".
This small offroad park was dedicated to Jean Drapeau. Perhaps he was born or grew up Riviere-a-Claude.
The fog continued...
... but sometimes I almost welcomed it because it was just so ghostly and interesting.
This and the next three pictures were taken from a picnic area at the road leading towards Phare Cap Madeleine.
I finally figured out that "phare" was lighthouse. (Duh!)
If I'd had a lunch on me, I would have sat at a picnic table longer to enjoy this...
... and this vista.
The approach to Grande Vallee is inspiring.
It is nestled nicely into the east side of the bay.
The bay is obviously shallow during low tide and I wondered at the striations made in the mud.
Half way between Cloridorme and L'Anse-a-Valleau, there is a little park/rest stop.
There is a parking lot which spans the entrance to a small bay. The highway runs along the southwest side of it.
The northeast side of the entrance to the bay.
At the far end of the small bay is a small waterfall.
I suppose the parking lot might have once been a sand bar.
Better be careful not to overshoot THAT curve coming towards the park!
Forget-me-not, Quebec!
A town on the road (near) Forillon Park.
Phare thee well!
To prove I got here! Here is Forillon Park.
There are at least two entrances to Forillon Park. I chose to take the one which led me to a northern exposure.
I was pleased with where I had ended up!
The walk to the beach was extremely "downhill".
Talk about rugged coastline!
110 stairs down to the beach!
Pleasing to the eye!
And AS I walked down, a puff of fog blew in...
... only to disappear into the mountain top.
Clearer again!
Water streaming down the mountain into the sand.
A restful place to hang out.
No wonder geologists like rocks!
I was sure I could see faces in this rock formation.
So... the tide comes in and leaves little "eggs" on the shelves!
I'll come back here again... next time with paintbrush and canvas in hand.
Just as soon as I left Forillon Park, I not only experienced the ever-present fog, but I also was RAINED on badly! I only stoped in the town of Gaspe to get some gas.
Because of the poor weather conditions, my progress towards Bonaventure was slow. There was rain AND fog and I always waited to follow another vehicle for two reasons: 1) I let them to the "forge ahead" thing and 2) paired with a bigger vehicle, I would be more visible to traffic coming up from behind me. As I said in the introduction to this page, my main goal was just to get to my hotel. Unfortunately, it meant driving through some very pretty spots without stopping to admire them. Therefore I fully intend to drive the Gaspe Peninsula again!

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