Indianapolis MotoGP 2011

Ever hear of "brain freeze"? Knew that chemo could do it, but I didn't quite believe it until I was recently going through old photos and videos. What was this? I didn't go to the 2011 MotoGP in Indianapolis, did I??
Anyways... I found quite a few GoPro videos of this "quick trip". I've put a link to one of them here. It's the Indianapolis circuit!
A racer, I'll never be. I started nearer the front of that pack of riders and finished dead. You can see all the young'uns (and all others) pass me like I'm standing still. Nevertheless, it was interesting to get a track perspective. Even going as slowly as I was, things went by pretty quickly. I can't imagine what it would feel like to be going 99 times faster, as the MotoGP riders would. Of course if I could do that, I'd BE a MotoGP rider, right??
To the left, I've included a map which shows where I entered the track area (North end), used the automobile oval to get to the motorcycle track, did an entire lap, then exited at the far end of the paddock into the infield.