San Antonio, Texas

Well... the school division owed me two "discretionary days" which translates to "Barb was crazy enough to coach volleyball over the past couple of years (actually many more than that...) so let's give her a couple of days off.

Soooo.... How's this for an idea??
Use Aeroplan miles to buy an airplane ticket to Texas.
Rent a Harley Sportster.
Ride around the Texas foothills and have a blast!
No more said. Enjoy my pictures!

I'd like to say that everything started out smoothly... but it didn't! My plane was scheduled to leave Winnipeg at 10:00 a.m. but no such luck! The temperature was -40 C and with windchill it was -52 C so all the planes in the entire airport needed to be warmed up (and some de-iced... wait your turn!) before they were able to fly. The stewardess (below) on the flight to Denver (where they routed me instead of Chicago because of more connections to San Antonio) was subbing for someone who was sick. She was from Palm Springs and sat at the departure gate with us because the plane was too cold for her. We weren't the only ones laughing at her... she was laughing at herself for not being able to take the cold, but no one was criticizing her... especially me! After all, the whole trip to San Antonio idea was about it being too cold in Winnipeg to do what I like... ride!

When we arrived in the Denver airport, most of us had missed our connecting flights. They told us to go to the United courtesy desk to get new boarding passes for other planes. I RAN through the airport to get in line because I knew the next connecting flight to SA was sooner than later. I got impatient waiting in line and went to check the departure times and saw that the next SA flight was leaving soon. I talked to the supervisor who told me that I would soon be taken care of in line. She told me that it was likely that a seat was already waiting for me on the flight, but I should still go through the line to get my boarding pass.
To make a long story short, that supervisor's advice made me miss the flight. THEN... SHE yelled at me for missing the plane. Was I ever angry! Without her "expert guidance", I would have gone straight to the gate and avoided all the hassle. I had to call Alamo City Harley/American Motorcycle Rental in San Antonio and tell them I wouldn't be picking up the Harley until the next morning. I also phoned Kevin and told him I'd be arriving around 9:30. He said he'd come and pick me up, which he did... the only nice experience that I had that afternoon/evening.

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