Day Three: St. Ignace to Woodstock

When I woke up in the morning in St. Ignace, it was REALLY foggy on the lake...

The first thing I did was go to Curves for my workout.

June (below right) greeted me warmly as did the entire morning exercise crew. What a great group of people!

I said goodbye to the Aurora Borealis where I spent the night.

Nice motel. My room was on the upper floor to the left of the stairwell with the pointed roof.

With the exception of being a little nervous on the expansion joints of the 5 mile Macinaw Bridge as I crossed over it in the WET fog, the trip through Michigan was fairly uneventful.

It was very pretty country, though. The next three pictures are: 1) at a road stop looking back over the type of road I was travelling, 2) from a rest stop looking out over the road, and 3) the typical scenery along the road.

I was feeling pretty lucky that I'd successfully avoided rain all day when... I hit a thunderstorm just short of the border at Port Huron/Sarnia.

Lucky for me, an exit was only 2 miles away when it started to pour. Unluckily, 2 miles can make someone TOTALLY wet!

A nice couple inside the convenience store/MacDonalds (where I hid out during the storm) learned of my intention to cross the border at Port Huron. The lady phoned her daughter in Port Huron to check the weather there (30 km away) where it was sunny and warm. That news made me confident on leaving the convenience store once the rain stopped and I'd dried out a bit.

The traffic going into Sarnia from the US wasn't that bad. The traffic going into Port Huron from Canada was HORRIFIC!! Trucks were lined up all across the bridge. If you look, you can see some of them in the picture on the right.

I took a second picture of the bridge from the Casino which was on the Canadian side. A security guard drove over to see what I was doing and when she found out I/my bike had come from Manitoba, she was instantly enthusiastic and didn't bother me about my whereabouts on the lot.

As I drove down to the casino parking lot, I met two Westie Whites.

They probably came from one of these cool condos which have "parking" for their boats by their front door.

This would be only one of many displayed train engines that I saw on my travels.

After I finished taking pictures, I headed on out down the 403 to Woodstock where Duff had recommended I tackle the last stage of my journey to Kingston from. As usual, the rain didn't wait 5 minutes before I got INTO Woodstock. It poured 5 minutes out of the city and I took an early exit off the highway. A woman sitting on her porch directed me towards the Super 8 Motel where I'd take up residence for a couple of nights.

Day Four: Niagara!

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