Day One: Winnipeg to Duluth/Superior

All packed up and ready to go! I just know I've packed stuff I won't need... and didn't pack some I will... someone ought to give lessons on "packing for a bike trip". Maybe I'll teach that next. It seems I've taught just about everything else in all my years of teaching!

If these bags look excessive in size, I'm going on record right now to remind everyone that I'm actually headed to Kingston to attend a wedding therefore the extra "stuff" is the dress and associated paraphenalia I need for Jennifer and Mike's wedding!

Of course I left Winnipeg late (surprise, surprise!) and by the time I got going, I realized I hadn't filled my bike with gas the night before as I had planned to. Therefore, I had to stop at St. Malo to gas up. Lucky for me... I'd have missed seeing these 2 great gardens!

Maybe these two ladies will volunteer to save MY garden!!

Highway 2 East was pretty but almost straight. Here's a nice view along the way.

At first I was amazed at all the motorcycles I saw going in the other direction. They ALL waved as they passed me. Then it hit me... STURGIS!!

I wanted to get to Duluth on the first day... so I did. But of course the late start delayed my arrival. It was already getting dark and foggy, too. I took this off the shoulder of Highway 2 (probably illegally!) and you can MAYBE make out the "superbridge" that leads from Duluth to Superior, where I stayed the night at the Days Inn on the bay.

There I met a fellow biker going in the same general direction as me (East!) but he was crossing back into Canada at Sault Ste. Marie. Also a Manitoban BTW! Yeah for the keystone province!

Instead of riding (evidently he did that in a previous trip), he is trailering his bike to Nova Scotia and then he plans on riding the Cabot trail.

So here's Darryl (hope I spelled that right!) And here's his bike (beautiful and spotless, unlike my travel weary BMer) Even his trailer was immaculate! Hope you have a great trip, Darryl!

I had dinner at a Perkins across the road from my hotel then crashed... HEY! As in WENT TO SLEEP!

On to Day Two!

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