Photos by BJH

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Well... this trip's forgotten item was a camera cord for my new Nikon camera. Luckily, the races didn't start until Friday and I found Precision Camera in Austin (GREAT camera store!!) where I was able to buy the needed cord for a bargain price!
The best thing about going to the camera store was it led me to interesting places on the way back to the Motel 7.
The posh neighbourhood (along Windsor Road) that I ended up travelling through had many interesting houses... styles, features... I LOVED the one with the rhinoceros statue in front and the steer skulls decorating the front wall.
I also met a greyhound rescue who was very shy but obviously spoiled. I especially loved her collar and dog tag.
Once I got downtown, I was able to get a good view of the Capital building and also of a lovely old church and the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum (LOVED the Texas star out front of that!).
I looped back and got a different view of the Capital as well as a look at the very tall bell tower in front of the First Baptist Church. It was interesting to catch the reflection of the Cathedral of Saint Mary in the modern glassed building across from it.
From the corner beside St David's Episcopal Church, I was able to get a very good view of the Frost Bank Tower, a very tall and very cool skyscraper.
When I finally returned to the motel, we all went out for dinner. We found a place down the street called Luba's where the food was plentiful and VERY tasty!