Photos by BJH

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

In Oklahoma City's Motel 6, Aayesha was our hostess and also the one who rescued a "lucky elephant" and placed it at the entrance to the motel. I just hope it DID bring the luck it needed to when Oklahoma experienced all the bad tornadoes in Spring 2013!
The roads along the way started to become more interesting (up, down, around) and just before we left Oklahoma, we passed the WinStar World Casino which some of my friends back in Winnipeg would have LOVED to have visited! :)
Just over the Texas border, we stopped at a Western store which had FABULOUS things such as beautiful purses and belts.
When we stopped for lunch, we finally saw REAL signs of spring... birds, budding trees, flowers.
When we reached Austin (the concrete jungle), it was pretty overcast but warm. From the freeway (which we poked along at 5 mph in afternoon traffic), you could see the city skyline and the Capital as you drove along.
Roadside signs even reminded us why we'd travelled there... MotoGP!!