Ride to Laives

I woke up early to get on the road for the Bolzano area. Before I left, I tried to get a better view of this pet turtle in the sand box. As kids in Winnipeg, many of us tried (unsucessfully) to have a pet turtle. Problem was, come winter, there wasn't a warm or big enough place to keep this growing reptile. I think in Italy, the more moderate climate would serve this type of pet better.
I had accumulated many souvenirs in Venice so I had to make a quick stop at this post office in Malcontenta. I wondered what the suites above hosted.
Across the street from the postoffice.
Poppies seemed to be a popular flower in Italy.
A canal ran along the main street of Malcontenta and many boats were lined up along the residential areas.
When I stopped for gas along the autostrade, I met Josef and Daniela from Switzerland. They had been at a motorcycle "meeting" (the word "rally" is evidently American). Nice couple!
At the same gas station, this man with his homemade luggage system was also gassing up. Don't you love what he's done with his trike?
I got some serious miles in before the sky became heavily overcast.
I had to stop again because it started to POUR! I met these people on vacation from Germany (?) who were travelling with their two dogs.
Once it cleared up enough, I tried the roads again. Good thing. I actually started in a bit of drizzle but soon got back into (weak) sunshine.
How lovely it would be to live, nestled among the mountains!
My original plan was to drive alongside Lago di Garda, but it was quite overcast in that direction so instead...
... I turned north into Trento.
Italy's growing season is obviously a lot longer than ours in Winnipeg although we're at similar latitudes. Look how tall this rose bush is!
Beautiful, healthy flowers, too!
This pretty little church was further along the canal...
... near a bridge which led into the more populated part of the city.
A medieval tower just over the bridge, I believe Torre Vanga.
More detail of the medieval building as well as the tower of Santa Maria Maggiore in the background.
Another interesting tower along Via Torre Vanga/Verde.
I really liked the detailing in the roof of this tower. Perhaps THIS was the Torre Verde (Green Tower).
Still travelling along that route, I came across this modern church with this lovely fresco/mosaic.
Now travelling on local roads as I approached Laives, I came across many country towns such as this one.
I couldn't help but stop at this garden centre.
Lovely Italian yards and courtyards must be supplied by someone and here I found many interesting fountains, statues and decorations.
My favourite thing here... a stone table and bench with a stone centrepiece which could hold two bottles of wine!
To find this interesting store, you'd go to the intersection of SS12 and SP16 in Villa. To go to their website: http://www.brunnen.it/
Just north on the SS12, I finally reached Laives. Many of the buildings were "Tyrol" style.
And here, I arrived at my hotel: Hotel Ideal Park.
And speaking of "Ideal", this picture is taken from the patio of my hotel room.
And this is taken from a balcony on the same hotel level. Why is there a drop down here and not from my room? Because the building is built right into the hill.
At first I couldn't find my hotel room... no numbers on the doors... Look DOWN, Barb!
Other "Ideal" parts of the hotel... the indoor pool...
... and the outdoor pool with a view.
A view down from the outdoor pool level.
Time to explore the Lovely Laives by foot!
First people I came across... a guy wearing a really silly outfit riding a silly little vehicle. A man on the street explained that this was a wedding party. The man riding the vehicle sounding a horn was the groom. The guys accompanying him were his groomsmen.
Flowers make a main street oh so prettier!
A view down Via JFK, Laives main street.
A boys' soccer team (I'd say they were about 16-18) were just getting out of pratice and were hopping on their scooters, presumably to go home.
More buildings with a Tyrol influence.
This building was my favourite. The shape of its roof was unique.
Gardens tucked into small spaces...
... made the area delightful.
A wooden statue.
As I walked past this shop, I realized that the "National Enquirer" type of rag exists in many places. It was strange not to recognize the people being gossiped about though!
Double shutters!
This tree served as base to the swing (right) but obviously also had something (fruit? nuts? olives?)worth climbing a very tall ladder to get.
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