Day 12

Antigonish, NS to Dieppe, NB

Hurricane Bill came to Nova Scotia today. Halifax was near the storm centre so instead of visiting the coast, I revised my plans. I opted to ride to New Brunswick (through heavy rain and a fairly strong, but not overwhelming wind). I got a hotel room in Dieppe then spent the afternoon and evening relaxing and catching up on uploading pictures for this website.

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The nice Antigonish day I'd experienced yesterday had turned into a dreary, rainy day.

It kind of looks like the Bluenose is sailing in Antigonish Harbour, doesn't it?

Host and Hostess of Antigonish Harbour Pat's B&B, Pat and Joe Stewart.
My very comfortable room in their home...
... a view of their dock...
... and of their cozy beach.
Their home was really lovely.
As I drove out towards the main highway, there were other beautiful homes in the area.
The courthouse in Antigonish.
The ride was miserable. I was TOTALLY soaked. I wasn't the only one getting wet. These two riders laughed along with me at the "wonderful weather".
I was glad to finally get to the Moncton, NB, area, more specifically, Dieppe.
The Coastal Inn was a welcome site. As I checked in, I left a LARGE puddle in the lobby... "Don't worry about it, it's only water!"... Since I checked in around noon, the room maid was still present. She gave me extra bathmats so that all my wet things wouldn't drip directly onto the floor. She also gave me a couple extra packets of tea to brew so that I could warm up.

The break in riding/touring was actually welcome. It gave me a chance to catch up on picking pictures I wanted to put on this website as well as allowing me to wash some clothes (they had a washer and dryer). After a nice hot shower, I had a pleasant afternoon basically "vegging".

I thought this was such a neat idea... The TV's remote was placed inside this kayak with the message "Why watch TV?". It promoted New Brunswick tourism.

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