Day 14

Take me home, country roads...

Minot, ND to Winnipeg, MB

This is Cinch from Montana.
His "parents" were on a short trip and instead of leaving him at home, they took him with them.
Now in the Northern part of North Dakota along Hwy 5, scenery is mostly just farmers' fields and occassionally a river or stream like the Mouse River.
I had decided to return to Canada via Dunsieth/Boissevain because I wanted to visit the International Peace Garden.
The Gardens which you enter by way of a road right on the Canada/US Border, is half on Canadian and half on US soil. You can see the US & Canadian flags in the foreground. The flags in the background are those of North Dakota and Manitoba.
I started by taking a casual ride around the Canadian side.
Fall colors were evident everywhere...
...and it certainly made for a lovely sight.
I parked Thor for awhile so that I could enjoy the peacefulness of the area.
Past the lake and above the trees was a nice view of the Peace Tower.
The Canadian side seems to focus on natural habitat.
There are several places along the one way road...
...where you could stop and have a picnic...
...or go for a nature hike.
One thing for sure...
...nature has a way of painting a beautiful picture!
The sun was shining directly behind the Peace Tower so I decided to take back lit picture of the tower..
The Gardens have a collection of prairie grasses which can be as beautiful as flowers.
The grounds right at the International border are all manicured and immaculate.
A front view of the twin Peace Tower.
The Peace Chapel
Entrance to the Formal Gardens from the Canadian side.
Peace Garden clock.
Entrance to the Formal Gardens from the American side.
View of the Peace Tower.
Colorful bushes in the Formal Garden.
The walkway through the Formal Gardens.
The 911 Memorial
The words on the Memorial Plaque say it all.
As I approached the Memorial...
... it honestly upset me to see the broken concrete...
...the snapped girders...
...and the twisted metal which was once part of the World Trade Center.
I always wonder why people just can't choose to get along. What real purpose did that violence serve? Peaceful coexistence and tolerence of others is the only real answer.
The Memorial lies just on the US side of the Garden. Remains of those twin towers are a stone's throw from the twin towers of the Peace Garden.
Another view of the Formal Gardens then...
...onto my bike for a tour around the US side of the Peace Garden.
In the distance, the North American Game Warden Museum.
At the museum looking back toward the Peace Tower.
The International Music Camp site. I missed the turn-off for the Athletic Camp and I didn't bother turning back towards the place I once had taught at.
Despite the lovely autumn colors inviting me to stick around awhile... was time to move on.
So goodbye to the Gardens...
... hello Canada!
After a brief stop in Brandon, I drove straight through to Winnipeg. It was good to be in MY neighbourhood, knowing that just around a curve and across a main drag, I'd be home!
Soon Thor was parked in the garage, a lot dirtier than when he left...
...just like me!
Before I unloaded Thor, I needed to check in on Percy...
... and Maggie, who were both waiting at the door for me! I gots tons of "kisses" from Maggie and rubs from Percy. Sam, my other cat, was a little ticked off with me. She didn't acknowledge me until bedtime when she decided she'd forgive me for my extended absence.
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