Day 8

Indianapolis, IN to Kewanee, IL

I was awake at 6:00 a.m. Monday morning to get an early start. I wasn't the only one. Many of the motel's guests had been there for the GP.
Just for a moment, my bike looked too solitary. Races are very social places and I knew I'd miss the comraderie of being at a motorcycle event. Then I pictured the new places I was looking forward to seeing and the people I was likely to meet. ONWARD!!
I spoke to this fellow several times over the weekend. He lives in the Nashville area and loves the combination of living in the city (with all its conviences) and being only 7 minutes from the fresh outdoors (and twisties)! He met up with friends here (I think from New York??) and they attended the races together.
Bye, bye. The Days Inn provided a nice home away from home for the last four days and I thank them.
Instead of taking a freeway out of town, I went down Shadeland to Washington Street and went through the city. The glass arch ahead housed art gallery (?) of some kind.
On my way through town, I didn't stop (except for lights). Therefore I don't know what type of building this was, but I'd assume government.
These deer caught my eye so I did stop here.
Beautiful sculpture! Reminds me of the Leo Mol sculptures back home at Assiniboine Park.
Part of this lovely area was the Indiana State Museum...
... and the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art.
That was one gorgeous building.
Next time I'm in Indy, I'll be sure to check out what's inside!
The NCAA Hall of Champions. I would have visited but the hours never matched up with my race events.
Washington Street becomes a rural highway outside Indy and not too far out of town was Cooper's. "Cooper's has everything", I was told... this young man who inquired how my weekend went. He used to own a CBR 1000 which he bought then sold back to his cousin. Now he owns a bike that he built himself.
More of Cooper's (across the street)... clothing and hardware with more eye catching decorations out front.
Perhaps the wagons were borrowed from the antiques store, also across the street.
Next, I wound my way through many back roads on my way northwest.
I suppose Keytsville was a farm or country store of some kind? A neat memorial whether or not you know its significance.
More winding roads...
...through gorgeous farmland.
Just past Greencastle on Greencastle Road (E720S) I came across this covered bridge...
...built in 1900 and still standing (but obviously not in use!).
More along E720S...
...some twists...
...some shade.
Soon I was in Bridgeton.
Home of a covered bridge and mill (still works!).
This is not the original bridge. That one was burned by an arsonist in 2005. This one was rebuilt in 2006.
The bridge goes over this stream.
They tried to build the new bridge to look as much like the old one as possible.
Decorations in front of the mill...
...which was established in 1823. This mill was "rebuilt" in 1870.
Inside they sell different kinds of flour (milled there, of course!)...
...and coonskin hats.
This lady was the one who told me about what had happened to the old bridge.
One last view of the mill...
...the bridge...
...then it was time to explore more of Bridgeton.
On the lot beside the mill.
Down the main street.
This house was built in 1878...
...the log cabin behind it in 1822.
More intriguing buildings down the street...
...and a general store...
...complete with reception committee...
...of two!
Mom was obviously in charge!
A wooden carving in front of the general store.
Down the street, a school building with an obviously progressive thinking teacher inside while her/his Harley is parked on the sidewalk outside!
More gorgeous views...
...down more country roads.
I'm just going to let you soak in the atmosphere and keep quiet for the next few pics...
These apples looked SOooo good.
I waited while one school bus let out the little girl on the left. Before I could move on, another bus let off her two older sisters. She ran to them, got a hug, then they all walked hand-in-hand to the house.
Flooding around the Kickapoo Creek.
Is this where you can get Kickapoo Joy Juice???
Yet more fields undulated with water.
These squash were drowning!
I'd been lucky to this point. Overcast but no rain. My luck didn't hold though. It started to rain buckets just after I took this shot. Since it was late afternoon, I decided to stop for the night at the next town I got to... Kewanee!!
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