Day 1

Winnipeg to Little Falls, Minnesota

The trip from Winnipeg to Thief River Falls was COLD! Good thing I packed for rain. Although it didn't rain in this stretch at all, the rain suit cut the wind and the BMW's heated handlebar grips didn't hurt either!
Also in Thief River Falls... a pretty park by the river.
This is the parking lot... for Bemidji High School! Those of us who have taught at high schools in Winnipeg know how amazing it is that so much space is given to students to park. I had to adjust the brightness of these images so you could see the school/parking lot. The day was overcast (although still no rain to this point).
The parking lot is ALMOST bigger than the school! I stopped here to readjust my driving route. I wanted to travel south to avoid rain and perhaps to feel WARMTH!
Down highway 371, just short of Walker was a new lakeside housing project. This was their private beach...
... and docks.
Now I know where to buy a new house... when I win the lottery!
And this is Walker.
I took a couple of pictures of this lakeside recreation area because it was so pretty.
There were also play areas and maybe (?) tennis courts further down the lakeside.
I didn't venture too far down the road because I'd parked across the street...
... and when I looked in that direction... rain clouds were gathering!
Down 371 there were beautiful lakes everywhere.
The road is a good one and very scenic.
There was lots to see, but I didn't stop often because the sun was getting lower in the sky and I wanted to get as far south as possible. Interesting... the sky threatened all day but the most rain I got was a few drops just before Brainerd, barely enough to get my visor wet. I arrived in Little Falls around 7:30, had a quick supper, and went to sleep.
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